About our textiles and how to care

What are your rugs made from?
All our rugs are 100% wool. Made from the highest quality of wool.

How are they made
Entirely by hand knot by knot on a standing loom. Made by Amazigh women in Mrirt Morocco.

Info and how to care for your rug

To spot clean, water and a soft soap is recommended. We recommend that you avoid harsh chemicals and industrial cleaners, as the natural dyes used in these rugs are likely to bleed. We recommend our rugs, to be deep cleaned by a professional. 

Most of our rugs are medium plush pile. This pile feels soft on the foot but is not too shaggy so it can fit in high traffic areas like living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. The rug can also be vacuumed. Vacuuming & shaking out your rug regularly keeps professional maintenance low and slows down the ageing process (although our rugs are made to last a lifetime). They are made from premium, natural materials (not synthetic), and they will easily outlast similar synthetic products. 

Rug pads are a good (optional) investment to prolong the life and quality of your rug(s). A felt or rubber pad is the best choice. 

It is recommended to rotate your rug every year to ensure an even wear process.

Will my rug shed?
All real wool based rugs shed. However, our rugs being handmade entirely (without using a tufted gun) in the densest knots, it ensures the wool yarns are integrated into the structure of the rug. Paired with the use of the highest quality of wool, it substantially reduces the rate of shedding and eliminates it completely over time.

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