My Story

Hello! I'm Boutheina (pronounced Bou-tay-na), founder of Amaz & Soul.
Though I was born and raised in Canada, I spent some of my elementary school years in Morocco and have traveled there ever since to keep a connection with my motherland. I have a deep love for Moroccan design, architecture and culture and a great interest in anything interiors related (I have probably seen every architectural digest video out there), so it was only natural that a small business would be born from these passions. I love a piece with a soul and have a little obsession with Moroccan rugs and their unique aesthetic. I love to go on a hunt in the search of perfect and unique pieces that are rare, new or vintage, and sourcing rugs in remote villages or vibrant Medina souks is among my favourite things to do, along with sitting for hours in a cozy little coffee shop and flipping through decor (or celebrity gossip) magazines!  I currently live in the vibrant city of Montreal, and that is where Amaz & Soul is based.

Weaver partners

To our partners, weaving isn't just an occupation; it's a way to preserve their rich Amazigh heritage. We have very proudly partnered with women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, who have been making authentic Beni Mrirt rugs for generations. Every purchase creates meaningful opportunities for our partners, who make each piece by hand using various cultural techniques. We work hard to preserve a tradition that has been passed down through generations. Each talented artist has a different story, but they all share a passion and knowledge that helps keep traditional Moroccan craftsmanship alive and timeless.

Why the name Amaz & Soul

Amaz refers to Amazigh, also called Berbers, are the indigenous people of North Africa. We chose this name because the Amazigh people of Morocco ,who mostly live in the Atlas Mountains, are the artists behind unique Moroccan handcrafted interior pieces and the famous Beni Mrirt rugs. They are also known to be modest, honest and loyal people, and by naming this small business after them, we hope to show appreciation for their art and talent.
I also happen to be married to an Amazighi and have two little Amazighi munchkins, which makes this name even more special!